How to Grill Corn in the Husk

Whenever you want to enjoy a tasty summer dinner, you can’t go wrong by grilling corn in the husk. You can either cut the husk off the cob, or you can wrap it in aluminum foil. Both options will result in a perfectly cooked meal.

Remove the silks from the corn cob

Taking the time to remove the silks from the corn cob before grilling is a good idea. Not only will this help keep your corn tasty and juicy, it will also prevent the silk from being a pain to remove.

There are a variety of methods to remove the silks from the corn cob. You can choose to soak the corn in water for an hour or so before you grill it. The soaking process will not only replace the husk, but it will also add moisture to the corn kernels. This will give them a more tender interior and a smoky flavor.

You can use a vegetable brush to get the silks off. It’s a simple procedure and you can use a disposable glove or rubber gloves for the job.

You can also buy special de-silking brushes. If you don’t have access to one of these, you can use scissors to cut the silks away from the cob. If you have a microwave, you can try heating the cob for 30 seconds to 60 seconds. If you’re not patient, you can also rinse it in cold water.

For the best results, you should cook the corn on the cob at a lower temperature than usual. If you don’t, you will end up with a lot of charring and no plump, juicy kernels.

To make removing the silks from the corn cob before cooking a snap, invest in a long BBQ skewer. This will allow you to grab the husk with one hand and the silks with the other. The resulting combination will give you the smoky flavor of grilled corn without all the mess.

Butter the corn

Whether you’re grilling corn in foil or on a stick, buttering the corn husk is a great way to infuse it with some extra flavor. It’s also a good way to get some extra char on the corn. If you’re not sure how to do it, here are some tips that will help you out.

First, you’ll want to soak the corn in cold water for about 15 minutes. This will help to loosen the husks and make them easier to remove. Then, you can start the grilling process. If you don’t want to do it directly on the charcoal, you can wrap the corn in tin foil.

The next step is to remove the husks from the ears. If the silk is stubborn, you can use a clean kitchen towel to pry it off. It’s best to do this before you pull the husk back up.

After you have removed the husk, you’ll want to brush the corn with a mixture of butter and a few spices. You can choose to use salt, pepper, or a combination of these. You can also add a few herbs to your corn.

When you’re done with the corn, you can either fold the husk back into place, or you can place a heavy plate on top to weigh it down. You can also place a spray bottle of water on the fire to put it out. You’ll need to check the corn for doneness, though. You’ll know it’s ready when it’s tender and has some char marks. If you’re not sure, you can remove one or two kernels with a fork.

You can also cook corn on the cob in the oven. This is an easy way to create a delicious summertime treat. You can serve it alongside burgers, hotdogs, or seafood. You can also create an awesome Mexican street corn salad or black bean and corn salad with leftover grilled corn.

The secret to great grilled corn on the cob is to keep it moist. If you don’t have a lot of corn to cook, you can freeze it in an airtight container. It will keep for about four days.

Grill with the husk on or off

Whether you prefer to grill corn in the husk or without, there are several benefits to either cooking method. Using the husk provides a barrier to keep moisture inside the corn. This allows the corn to steam and retain its flavor. It also prevents the husk from burning on the grill.

Choosing fresh corn is also important. You want to buy kernels that are plump and not wrinkly. This means that the corn is probably fresh. The tassels should be silky brown and white. If they are dry, brittle, or black, they may be old.

Depending on the type of corn you are purchasing, you will have different flavor profiles. If you are planning to grill naked corn, it may be best to opt for a nutty or sweeter flavor.

You can season the husks before you grill them. You can also soak the corn in water to add flavor. Be careful not to soak the husks too long. The water can deflate the kernels and make the corn hard.

Some cooks believe that the best combination is a mixture of both methods. Soaking the husks for 15 minutes can help to infuse flavor and moisture into the husks.

To avoid the charred taste of the husks, you can brush them with butter before grilling. Then, remove the husks and flip the ears of corn over halfway through the cooking process. Alternatively, you can rub the husks with compound butter or infused oil.

Wrap it in aluminum foil

Whether you are at the campsite or in the comfort of your own home, grilling corn in the husk wrapped in aluminum foil is a simple and delicious way to enjoy summer. The charred skin and crisp starchy juice give this side dish a unique flavor.

Before cooking, rinse the corn thoroughly and remove the husks. The husks should be rinsed in water to avoid burning on the grill. You can also trim the husks with scissors. Once the husks are clean, wrap the corn in aluminum foil.

Once the corn is on the grill, turn it every couple of minutes. The husks on the cobs help to retain moisture and provide a smoky flavor. Once the corn has finished cooking, brush it with butter. You can also sprinkle it with salt, garlic powder, and other seasonings.

After about 15 minutes, the corn should be done. You can use tongs to gently slide the cooked corn off the foil. You can leave the corn in its husks or you can replace the husks with butter. This method helps to maintain the moisture in the corn and it also makes for a fun activity for kids.

For added flavor, you can mix a flavored butter with your corn. Some good options include a lemon dill butter. You can also add herbs to your corn before wrapping it in foil.

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