How to Eat Avocado: Healthy and Hassle-Free

Avocados are a delicious, versatile food that can be enjoyed in countless ways. They are high in a variety of nutrients, including fiber and healthy fats, which can help improve digestion. They are also a rich source of minerals like magnesium and potassium. These minerals are often deficient in modern diets, so eating avocados is … Read more

How to Eat a Pomegranate: Juicy Secrets

Pomegranates are an amazing fruit full of nutrients and a great source of vitamin C. They also contain a good amount of potassium and folate. But before you eat a pomegranate, you need to know how to do it properly. Here are some tips from Everyday Health staff nutritionist Kelly Kennedy, RDN. Choosing a Pomegranate … Read more

How to Eat a Pomegranate: From Messy to Magical

Pomegranates are an incredibly delicious fruit that has a lot of nutritional benefits. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber. When you first purchase a pomegranate, you may be concerned about how to eat it. But if you aren’t afraid to get a little dirty, opening up and deseeding a pomegranate is actually … Read more

How to Cook Zoodles: Healthy and Hearty

Zoodles are a fantastic low-carb alternative to traditional pasta. They take well to classic Italian sauces and can also be used in soups and brothy salads. Making zoodles is as easy as using a spiralizer, mandoline or julienne peeler. These tools are simple to use, save space in the kitchen and provide you with evenly … Read more